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Joy Lies Just beneath my Love for Myself

“Dare to love yourself as if you were a rainbow with gold at both ends.” Aberjhani

Maybe you would like to go on a little journey with me.

Close your eyes.

Sit yourself in the temple of yourself, with your back straight, and your shoulders back.

Feel your heart. Feel your heart as your inner shrine, the locus of your love.

Feel yourself, who you are, all the many aspects of yourself laid out before you.

Notice how some of you is flowing, and some of you is struggling.

Feel your love shining in your heart. Radiate it across all of yourself.

Soak yourself in love. Marinade all of you that flows, and all of you that struggles.

Regardless of how you are, love yourself, all of you.

Feel yourself being loved. Sit quietly with your love flowing through your being.

Notice your joy bubbling from within as you love who you are.

"I love myself –

The quietest, simplest, most powerful revolution ever."

Nayyirah Waheed

Picture: Andrew Danckwerts

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