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Working One-to-One

  One-to-One Sessions

One-to-one sessions are available in 2 formats:

1) If you have specific issues in your life that are not serving you then you can work to resolve these individually.

Occassionally this can be done in a single session but more often over a few sessions.

2) You can undertake the whole of The Sovereign's Journey with me on a one-to-one basis, this will be done over a year with 24 sessions fortnightly.

Whenever we work one-to-one we will build your inner King and then, under his guidance, get to know, love, include and integrate all the parts of yourself that are calling for attention and healing. 

Contact me using this form to request a one-to-one session. Sessions are charged at £60 per hour.

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Hugh Newton

I love working one-to-one as it gives me an opportunity to build a deep relationship with you so that together we can explore your internal world. 
You may have something in particular that you want to look at. 
I specialise in trauma, excess fear, shame, self-critic and inner darkness. 
I will support you to bring all of yourself into a healthy place, under the direction of your Sovereign.

"I had been considering the potential benefits  of personal therapy for years before a friend recommended Hugh. I am very grateful that they did!


From my lived experience, therapy (and actively working towards making changes in my life) is effortful and challenging. Hugh's approach has helped me to open windows and build connections with parts of myself that I had spent most of my life avoiding and pushing away. Working with Hugh has helped me to get to know these parts of me, welcome them into my life and appreciate how they each have an important role in who I am and how I hope to live my life.


Over the last year, Hugh has supported me to grow as a person. My relationships with my friends and family are stronger than ever, I have more energy and motivation to take on challenges (in life and at work), I feel less stressed, I am spending more time enjoying living my life and I feel well in my body, mind and heart.


For anyone considering making some changes for your life, I would highly recommend Hugh and this approach. Life is not easy or straight forward for anybody.  Asking for help (and being open to receiving this help) was something I was afraid of for a long time. I am very grateful that I did. 


Hugh, from my Heart King to yours, thank you."



Hugh is a gifted guide and I felt blessed to have an opportunity to work with him. He was clear, perceptive, tender, authentic and good humoured. After many years of personal therapy Hugh helped me to understand my relationship to the masculine archetypes and separate out the inner voices of my psyche and how I act in the world. The loving sovereign, the weak king, the diplomat warrior, the pissed off warrior etc and give them all a place and role at my inner court of advisors. The journey was revealing, deeply affirming and humbling (in a positive way). Hugh is clearly very familiar with working in this way with the archetypes and guiding others. What he offers is a gift to men and their capacity to heal each other and themselves. By extension his work is also a gift to women (and non-binary beings) in helping men to have a healthier understanding of themselves and overcome the toxic ideas of masculinity that predominate our world. 


With love and gratitude,


For what seems like forever I've lived with a jumbled ball tension inside me, constantly second guessing myself and feeling unsure of my sovereignty. Through my sessions with Hugh I have been able to untangle the various "voices" inside me and arrive at a better understanding and connection with each of them. With clarity on my inner dynamic a new platform was set for me to connect with my authentic sovereign and his mission in life. I can't understate the feeling of inner calm that I now have from creating a sense of order in my realm. 


Much love to you Hugh

From Greg Segal

Geof Elvyhart

Geof has been working with me for many years and is also available for One on One sessions.

Much of my adult life I have worked with people and the environment; through care work, Mind/Body/Spirit work, environmental management, mentoring and coaching. I met Hugh through our work in the mythopoetic movement in 2018.


Although I have experience and knowledge of many philosophical, psychological, and spiritual models and practices I have found the Jungian Depth Psychology approach, particularly the use of Archetypes, Shadow and Myth, the most transformative for me personally.


Through this work I have found my purpose; to share my skills and wisdom and help others find their true brilliance and bring it to the world.

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