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I started my own personal development in 1997 when I undertook the Mankind Project NWTA. I was suffering from profound complex trauma and knew that I needed to do my own work to evolve beyond childhood trauma. 

Since then I have been working in this arena as you can see below. 

Hugh Newton

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Head of The Sovereign's Journey – 2022 onwards.

Training and Development for men.

Co-Leader Mankind Project UK and Ireland

Initiated February 1997

Head of Education and Training A Band of Brothers for 7 years.

Certified leader A Band of Brothers for 10 years.


Lead Male Facilitator Celebration of Being.

Trained and Certified as a Shadow Work Group Facilitator and Coach.


Mankind Project UK and Ireland Facilitation Trainer.

CIP Project Facilitation Trainer.

Growing up in Africa has left me with a deep gratitude and love for this continent. 

I have spent much of my life working to support Africa and Africans.

I have run African Musical Instruments for over 30 years. I support numerous African musicians with this fair trade business with which I promote African music and African musical traditions.


Meet Me There African Home Lodge. I started building this beautiful lodge in 2004 and have now donated it to the local community. It is run by the community and all profits go into projects to benefit the community of Dzita in the Volta Region of Ghana.

I support Dream Big Ghana Ngo. This NGO works as part of Meet Me There and undertakes projects to support the local community.

For the last 10 years, we have run a project to try and protect nesting Turtles along the coast of Ghana, in the Volta Region.

My intention throughout is to love, support, strengthen and enrich Africa.

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