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The Sovereign's Journey

A Practical Guide to Building a Beautiful  Man

A series of works to enable you to know your whole Self and transform your life, including retreats, a book, online workshops and one-to-one sessions

The Sovereign's Journey Book

The Book is Available on Amazon

I, Hugh Newton, have been working with men for more than twenty five years.

Here I offer a practical guide on how to become whole, to become the best man you can be,

using archetypes, visualization, poetry and experiential exercises. 

Sovereign Image

I have identified that there are a number of steps that men can take to maturity and wholeness. 

  1. First step on the journey is to turn inwards to get to know yourself. To dig in and observe all aspects of your behaviour, your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and actions.
    To identify who you are.

  2. The next step is to initiate your Healthy King so that this part of you can steward you to mature Sovereignty.

  3. Your King’s first task is to meet, come into relationship with, love, accept, heal and integrate all parts of yourself.
    To bring peace and love to all of yourself.
    To establish himself as your good, wise King.

  4. Next your King gets clear as to how you wish to serve creation while manifesting your destiny so that you become a conduit, a lightening rod to a greater life.

  5. Finally, with all of yourself gathered into your King's heart, your Sovereign concentrates on manifesting your destiny, your unique and particular way of serving the world. 

Visionary King

The title Sovereign refers to the core principle of inner Kingship that you will be manifesting in yourself. 

The three other archetypes that you will work with on the Sovereign's Journey are The Magician, The Warrior and The Lover. They need to come into balance themselves as qualities and then relate in a healthy manner to your inner King.

All the exercises and guided work you will find here are expressly designed to build your King and support him to create mature relationships with the many parts of yourself held in these archetypes.

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