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The King's Crown
The Heart King

 It took me 15 years of exploration to heal myself, so I felt ‘good enough’ in my Sovereign. I had to find my own way as there was no established path in front of me.

I believe that our world needs Loving Kings and that we do not all have 15 years to explore our way into wholeness.


Because of this, I have established a King’s Healing Journey, or The Sovereign's Journey, that all men can take to wholeness. This journey contains all the healing processes that I undertook over 15 years. If you attend all the workshops on this journey, you will firmly establish your King as the loving conductor of your being and you will know yourself inside out. Your King will be in a clear relationship with all parts of yourself so that He can monitor and manifest your wholeness and bring your beautiful, unique Kings Calling to the world.  

All workshops take place deep in nature close to Shepton Mallet in Somerset. 

You can camp, stay in your van, or book accommodation locally.

These retreats start at 6pm on Thursday, and finish by 3pm on Sunday. 

All meals are included. 

The cost per retreat is £595.

If you wish to book and pay for all 5 then the total cost is £2495 (£480 reduction).

You must attend the first retreat, The King's Initiation, to be able to attend subsequent retreats, however, those subsequent retreats do not need to be done in order.

The King's Initiation

7th to 10th September 2023

12th to 15th September 2024

The Loving Sovereign

We have within a part of ourselves, represented by the archetype of the King, who is ready to steward us to wholeness and wise maturity. He does this by bringing us home to our heart-centred, spiritually connected, generative soul essence. Within all of us is a King who is ready to lead us to a healthy, profoundly successful, dynamically joyful life.

In this workshop, we will initiate your King, who will then lead your inner work. As your King gets to know who you are, he will have many opportunities to know and evolve the parts of you he finds. Undertaking this process, your King will build himself up as the conductor of the orchestra of your inner being.


On your King's Initiation, you will:

  • Gain an understanding of the power and presence that lives in the King Archetype.

  • Meet and get to know and embody your heart centred Healthy King.

  • Meet, get to know and adjust your two wounded Kings; your power-hungry inflated Tyrant King and your powerless crumbling Abdicating King.

  • Set up your King so he can start to undertake his prime mission, which is to know, integrate, guide and evolve all parts of yourself according to your particular character and design.

  • Start to notice what is blocking your King's joy.


Your King's aim is to get to know yourself inside out by seeking, watching, cultivating, tending, and including all parts of yourself. It is time to sit in your Sovereignty and get to know all of who you are.

Your Sovereign's intention here is to craft yourself, not into normality and satisfied adjustment, but into a richly elaborate life, deeply and profoundly connected in your heart to your society, nature, family, friends, Spirit, and ancestors.

Before your King's Initiation, I will send you a comprehensive outline of the King, the Tyrant and the Abdicator so you can become familiar with these parts of yourself before you work with them.

After your King's initiation, you can proceed with your King's evolutionary journey.
In the following workshops, your King will get to know and mature yourself to Sovereign wholeness by working with the many aspects of your Magician, Warrior and Lover.

Soil, Soul and Spirit

19th to 22nd October 2023

24th to 27nd October 2024

Soil, soul and spirit

After your King's Initiation, in this second retreat, you will build your King's home, his foundation within yourself. You will make sure your King is in place to hold any part of you, no matter how challenging and traumatised, so that he can welcome all of who you are.

​Once we move into our King, we realise that we are responsible for leading our whole Kingdom forward, not just ourselves. The good news is that our King is not supposed to do this alone!

In this retreat, your King will link himself up with all the forces that support him to evolve his Kingdom into love, happiness, success and wholeness, including his love of the Earth, his ancestors, his Soul and his Spirit.


Once your King is clear on his place in the Soul and Spirit of Creation, he will get clear on his Life's Calling so that he can unfold his destiny and bring all of his world to fruition.

Your King and his Clever Magician

11th to 14th April  2024

3rd to 6th April  2025

The clever magician

On this third retreat, your King will come into a relationship with and evolve the many aspects of your Magician.


On this weekend, your King will get to know your Magician inside out. Your Magician should be supporting and advising your King, but most Magicians act out of old programming and conditioning. Because they are focused on prudence and safety, they often act as a restraining and limiting influence. Many Magicians have such power that they 'act' as the King, controlling the Kingdom and all parts according to their fear-based design.  

Some parts of your Magician can profoundly limit your happiness and destroy your ability to live a joyful, prosperous life. Your King will bring all these parts to light to heal them and evolve them to operate according to his wishes and design.


Before your King's weekend with your Magician, I will send you a comprehensive outline of the healthy Magician, the Manipulator and the Fool so you can become familiar with these parts of yourself before you work with them.

Your King and his Courageous Warrior

9th to 12th May  2024

22th to 25th May 2025

The couragous warrior

On this fourth retreat, your King will develop a relationship with and evolve the many aspects of your Warrior.


All Warriors need their King to know, love, direct and guide them. Our Warrior is the part of us who keeps our world balanced, grounded, honest and successful. Without an effective Warrior, all our King's hopes and dreams mean nothing and cannot be bought into reality.

In this retreat, your King will support your Warrior to be truly capable and effective. He will get to know the parts of your Warrior that do not work well and do not support your Kingdom's success. He will love your Warrior to ensure that he turns up in profound ability and capacity, with all his valuable tools and resources.


Before your King's weekend with your Warrior, I will send you a comprehensive outline of the healthy, courageous Warrior, the Bully and the Weakling so you can become familiar with these parts of yourself before you work with them.

Your King and his Connected Lover

6th to 9th June 2024

26th to 29th June 2025

The beautiful lover

On this fifth retreat, your King will come into a relationship with and evolve the many aspects of his beautiful connecting Lover.


Your Lover holds your possibility for being truly and fully alive by being connected, emotional, creative, and loving.

Most men were conditioned out of our Healthy Lover in childhood, so we struggle to connect easily with others and suffer from isolation and loneliness. We miss out on the beautiful, juicy, vibrant love that our Lover can bring us. We settle for less as we were conditioned to.

On this retreat, your King will bring your Lover back to life.


Before your King's weekend with your Lover, I will send you a comprehensive outline of the Healthy Lover, the Dramatic Addict and the Isolated Loner so you can become familiar with these parts of yourself before you work with them.

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