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Feedback from men on The Sovereign's Journey 2024

Blessings for the elders as a three

I bless you all together for holding the vision for the Sovereigns Journey and bringing it to life. Each of you has brought your own flavour, skills, different sensitivities and personal qualities of who you are.  Together you are a noble, wise and bold triumvirate of Kings. Together you are stronger, like an alliance of kingdoms, and create a unique alchemy between you. The path of pioneering and delivering this first years Sovereigns Journey has taken steadfast dedication, cooperation, partnership and commitment. We recognise and honour all of that. We honour and bless your capacity and capabilities to work together as a team and as individuals.  What an amazing Sovereigns Journey this has been. Your different qualities combined together exceed that which each of you might bring individually. I bless each of you and honour your different strengths to hold different energies.

Blessing for the elders on their impact on us men

You have touched our lives deeply, and even changed the course of our paths in ways you may not fully know. As a result of this work we are more aware of ourselves and have a clearer understanding and deeper relationship with the family of parts within them. We have seen the king within ourselves and are unafraid to step fully into our hearts. We are more compassionate toward ourselves and able to bring loving kindness, tenderness and compassion to our wounds.  We have learned to trust and respect ourselves more deeply and are able to bless and love more fully. We have come to a deeper sense of self-acceptance, inner peace and harmony and have reconnected with our long-lost golden boys. We have deepened our spiritual practice and opened our hearts to love, to our families, friends, communities and the world and we have learned to live with positive intention, deeper meaning and purpose, and greater integrity, authenticity, truth beauty and love.

Blessing for the elders for their impact on the world

I bless you as Elders of this community having enabled this tribe of men to bring love, kindness, tenderness and compassion to our wounded parts, and with that a deeper sense of self acceptance, inner peace and harmony. This will radiate out into our lives, family, friends and community and how men show up in the world to live life with deeper purpose, integrity, truth, beauty and love.

I bless your modelling of self-knowledge and self-love that have played a vital role in our work and mankind’s higher evolution. You have helped give birth to a new consciousness necessary for the challenges that lie ahead, and which will act as a light when times are dark.

I finally bless the ripples of pure beauty that exist out in the world because of this circle of men with the three of you at the centre, and I bless your hearts as you continue this work and it amplifies its message through new men, new kings and gives flight to a world bathed in love.

Individual Testimonials

"I’ve recently completed ten days of intensive training with Hugh Newton. The work has had a powerful impact on my business and my personal relationships. It has given me greater confidence and skill in managing all aspects of my life. I would recommend this training to anyone who is looking for a deeper understanding of how they operate and for the tools to take control of all aspects of their lives."

Adam Duncan - Director of Ginkgo Media Ltd 

"We way in which Hugh has helped me to come to understand, re-align, make friends with, forgive and celebrate the parts of myself throughout my time with him, is a true blessing to my life and those around me. I am a deeply happy and fulfilled man now, with a highly-focused clarity of purpose and part of a community of incredible men. 

Hugh's authenticity, humility, dedication and utterly un-shakeable love creates the most amazing space for transformational work to be done. He does not do it for you, but supports you in doing the work for yourself, whatever stage you are at in your life, without judgement. I wholeheartedly recommend him and bless him for his true gifts that he shares."

James O 

"I highly recommend Hugh Newton as a facilitator of intentional transformation.
Using processes created by Mr Newton, I have developed conscious control of ways to achieve my full potential, identify higher purposes and deal with the shadows which can distract me."
David Freud

"Grounded. Joyful. More connected. 

Working with Hugh to build my Sovereignty has been of inestimable value. For evidence, I could point to feeling even more 'in love' with my wife again...with all of the sensual desires (and experiences!) that accompany such feelings...or I could point to the solidity and joy that are my near-constant companions as I go about my day to day life...or the fact that the work done with Hugh has caused inner shifts that have resulted in me earning more than ever before...yet I think the most profound benefit is the crystal clarity I now have of my inner world, so that when challenges arise I can instantly find the inner resources and external actions to maintain balance, harmony and joy. 

Are there still challenges? Of course, but I now embrace these happily, seeing them as fertiliser for the soil of my soul, rather than pits of despair in which I am hopelessly trapped. 

Prior to working with Hugh I felt as though I was nought but a passenger, miserably observing as forces beyond my control dictated the course of my life and the emotions I felt.

I am the king of my realm now...and my only regret is that these meagre words cannot adequately impart just how powerful that change has been for me."



"On beginning this training with Hugh, I was sceptical of the emphasis placed upon reclaiming and integrating younger aspects of myself. What I was telling myself was that I had done that work already and the real work lay in building the adult part of myself…… I was wrong!

On completing the training I feel a wholeness I've not experienced before and as a result an incredible sense of intrinsic security and safety.

This is having profound effects in all areas of my life, most particularly in my most intimate relationships with my children and partner, along with the men’s work I’m currently involved in as a leader. 

The younger aspects of myself are now showing up and playing rather than just “playing up”.


Nelson Mandela is quoted as saying, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure”


To anyone considering this training, moving beyond these fears is what’s on offer."

Jonathan Foxton


"I have always known that I had the capacity to step into leadership and yet, I struggled to do it with any consistency. I always felt that I was building my 'house', my sense of self, on shaky foundations. The training has systematically and gracefully put the foundations in place for me to feel strong enough to really take my place in the world, as a leader, father and guardian of the land. 

The solidity I have felt from the training had been remarkable and life had really been testing me. I have weathered some financial, personal and martial issues recently with a balance and strength I only dreamed of possessing before.

Hugh embodies what I consider to be, the new era of leaders. He is empathic, open and deeply caring and at the same time has the sharp, cutting capacity needed to reveal the deepest truths. He also embodies the mentoring aspect of a true sovereign and leader. In his presents I feel both draw into and supported to be the fullest expression of myself. "  

James Benzing



"People with “Challenging behaviour” can be difficult to work with. A true sovereign will see people as having “behaviour that challenges” all around them and make a sovereign decision as to whether of not to rise to the challenge and take responsibility for that behaviour in the world.
The sovereign will bring even the most challenging parts of himself and others into the fold.
True sovereignty can bring the sovereign energies of the most chaotic men into a sense of peace and containment.
The joy and fun I’m now having is “I am now a poacher turn game keeper” with all my chaos and abundant energy at my disposal blessed under my King.
I am now in a position to bring an end to the clinical pathologisation of human existence... by bringing in a truly disruptive and all encompassing acceptance of the whole human experience, that goes against the vapid neo-liberal selfie driven culture."
Chris Alexander

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A great king
Elder King
The True Sovereign
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