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As the King, I Design Myself

“I am not what happened to me.

I am what I choose to become.”

C G Jung

As the King, knowing who I am,

As an act of conscious creation,

I create, design, develop and manifest myself.

I include all of me, giving all of myself a place to belong.

I love all of me, all my beautiful, all my desperate and dangerous.

All of me is at home in my loving heart.

I came here for a purpose, so I lend all of myself to my purpose.

I design all of me to manifest and deliver my purpose.

My purpose is to create a world of love,

By encouraging men to Sovereign maturity,

And by protecting and standing for Nature.

“Man is not a being who stands still,

He is a being in the process of becoming.

The more he enables himself to become,

The more he fulfils his true mission.”

Rudolf Steiner

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