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It is so important to know which Sovereign is leading your life!

Each King has his own way of being. I have constructed a rhyme for each. I will release a verse from each King alongside each other as a bit of fun so we can appreciate their differences.

The Rhyme of the Heart King

I am the leader of my realm.

I oversee everything here.

From the tiniest to the largest.

I am never dormant but always active.

The Rhyme of the Tyrant King

Do it my way, or shut up.

I have authority over you, so do as I say.

Do it my way, or you are wrong and bad.

Do it my way, or you'll fucking wish you had!

The Rhyme of the Crumbling King

I'm not good enough.

I am collapsing, hollow, pretending.

I'm not wanted. I get in the way.

I've got nothing to contribute.

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