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Online Workshops

Our online workshops run for 7 weeks over a 2 month period, that is weekly for the first 6 weeks, then a longer break to integrate the work before the final session.

Each workshop is covering a specific area of personal growth and healing as listed below.

The cost is £250 for each of the 2 month workshops.

In each we will be working in a group online,  searching deeply into the causes of discomfort or pain and bringing our inner King into relationship with the archetypal parts of ourselves which are involved.

Dates are yet to be confirmed for 2023, please contact us at for more information.

All tied up and confused

No Shaking

Regulating Your Fear

As James Hollis also points out, 90% of the fears that obstruct us have their origins in our childhood where everything was overwhelming. 

In this 7 week zoom workshop your King will face and integrate the parts of yourself that struggle with excess fear so that your fear returns to its appropriate place as your warning system,and no longer dominates you. 

Self-criticism and shame

No Shame

Ending Self-Criticism and Self-Shaming

“The feeling of being rejected, disapproved of, or conditionally loved by one’s primary caregivers

is a monumental, long-lasting burden for a child to carry.

It produces chronic shame, guilt, and anxiety.

The child is blamed for doing something wrong

and in doing so learns to perceive themselves as being bad.” 
― Darius Cikanavicius

Self-criticism and self-shaming is learned behaviour.

It always comes from somewhere, even if we can't remember it's origins. 

We do not need to live with self-criticism and shame. 

In this 7 week zoom workshop your King will face and integrate the parts of yourself that criticise and shame you.

You will get to know this part of yourself

and your King will repurpose it so that you no longer attack and criticise yourself.  

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