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Why undertake the Journey?

"Our real journey in life is interior: It is a matter of growth, deepening, and of an even greater surrender to the creative action of love and grace in our hearts."

Thomas Merton

We undertake this journey to become "a master of oneself", to use Gurdjieff's words.

Our aim is to grow down more fully into ourselves so that we are more human, connected to others, loving and self-aware. We grow down to grow up into ourselves. This journey is our second birth, where we give birth to ourselves, midwifed by our Heart King.

We grow down to come into contact with our wounds and that parts of us that hold trauma. Our aim is to work through them so that we bring relief to our childhood pain, and so we integrate the painful trauma into our Kingly heart. We look for and bring to heart all that hurt us and reduced our ability to love.

Growing us down grows us up. If we don't we are governed by unexamined ways we react to life that we developed as children.

Only by individuating, by becoming our "true personality" (Jung) can we lead a much more profound second half of life.

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