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What Our World Teaches Us

Deep inside, perhaps within our original nature, expressed by the archetype of our inner Golden Child, is our natural tendency to love. Look at young children, and you see their imaginative leaning towards a life full of love, connection, delight and enchantment. 

Yet, early in life, we are taught that life is a struggle and that we must compete and push ourselves forward to get what we want. As boys we are taught, by adults and by life, that we need to be strong and to fight to protect ourselves and to get what we want. We learn that there is not enough for everyone, and if we are not good enough and do not try hard enough, then limitation, scarcity, poverty, illness and failure are our lot. To be good enough and acquire what we need, we must strive for money, success, status and material wealth. 

Love is not mentioned here, certainly not love of ourselves. Yet if we don’t love ourselves we live in a deficit, shown mostly by lack of self-belief. We actually believe we are not good enough as we are. 

Things, achievement, success and winning are put forward as bringing us happiness in life. 

Well, I am not one for poverty, but for me, it is in the first half of our life that we need to establish a firm basis for a reasonably comfortable life. Yet, a reasonably comfortable life does not make us happy if we are unhappy inside. 

If we men are unhappy with life or ourselves, it is time to turn to more important, deeper, long-lasting, meaningful things. Things found not in the physical world but in our heart. 

Like our intuitive knowledge of the love that sits in our hearts and calls to us always. Our loving Sovereign, led by his heart, will lead us to a life of wholeness, peace, happiness, connection and love. He will lead us to our true destiny, ourselves. 

This is The Sovereign’s Journey. A return to love. A return to who we truly are, guided by our Sovereign, our Higher Self. 

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