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The Only Way is Through

We exist in the ordinary world and live our daily everyday life. We habitually follow our interests and our effort in the world. This is the place of our normal behaviour. There is a second world that lies inside us. This world is made up of the broken ground of dysfunction, all the places where our life has not worked as we would have wished. Here lies our trauma, failures and mistakes, pain, sadness, fear, anger and regret. Here lies abuse, betrayal, neglect and how we behave in response to being hurt. This world lives inside us, mostly hidden from the world and often hidden from ourselves. Despite being out of sight, it considerably influences our lives. Beyond the visible ordinary world and our polarised and troubled hidden inner world lies another world, a beautiful world of healing and wholeness, our Sovereign destination, our higher Self. It is this third place that we long to be. Here is universal love and understanding, supportive interconnectedness, unified ground with all beings, peace, gratitude and grace, beauty and creativity. This is the place of Spirit, Soul and nature connection. We all long for this third place. It is calling us all the time. However, we are blocked from it by the second troubled layer inside us. The only way to reach this third layer is to go into and bring to light, inclusion and healing all the contents of the second layer. It is up to our Sovereign to guide us through this inner journey. He is our guide to our underworld. Our Sovereign is the steward of our midlife rebirth.

Photo Anne Gifford

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