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The Journey to our True Nature

"Human consciousness does not emerge at any depth

except through struggling with our shadow.

It is in facing our conflicts, criticisms, and contradictions that we grow.

It is in the struggle with our shadow self, with failure, or with wounding

that we break into higher levels of consciousness.

People who learn to expose, name, and still thrive

inside the contradictions are people I would call prophets."

Richard Rhor

Our midlife journey of individuation, undertaken and facilitated by our Heart King, takes us down into the depths of our personal unconscious, back into what we have forgotten about ourselves, the parts of ourselves we have hidden, repressed, and abandoned.

This is only the first and most obvious part of the path. There is a second part, where we dive even deeper into our collective unconscious, our soul realm peopled by universal human archetypal energies. This collective unconscious is common to us all and contains the essential nature of human beings since the beginning of time. This world lives inside us and holds all human, animal, plant, and insect life in energetic or archetypal form. It is the layer that lies far beneath our conscious life. It is both nourishing and dangerous. It contains dreams, memories, desires, emotions, and fantasies, all forgotten but living in our unconscious and wanting expression.

This is our journey of individuation, to gradually bring this internal world to life, to the light of our King's love.

Image : Olivier Zappelli

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