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I'm Coming Out

I find it difficult to blow my own trumpet, to market myself.

It goes against my wish to not draw attention to myself, to be in service without needing acclimation, and to put others before myself. I hear family voices that say I am being narcissistic and big-headed by going on about myself.

And yet, I have a beautiful gift for the world in my hands and heart, a gift that will relieve so much suffering and draw us all into creating the beautiful new world we are now birthing.

I have taken myself and have led many men down a pathway to sovereign maturity and constant love.

We are part of a rising swell of men who are doing our work, healing ourselves, and dedicating themselves to our particular passionate vision for the world. Men working to serve, heal, unify and love the world. I know a lot of us.

And we are short of time. All of us, men and women, alive, self-aware, in service for love, are needed. If you know love in your heart and want to help, you are needed.

It took me twenty-five years to get here.

I know you don't have that time, so I created a Sovereign Path to Maturity.

If you follow this path, you will know yourself inside out.

Your King will be on his throne at the centre of your Kingdom.

Your Inner Leader will have living relationships and agreements with all the main characters in your inner world.

And you will know your life's purpose, vision and mission.

You will be in alignment with the forces of the cosmos that can support you in your effort to serve your family, your world, and our world.

The King's Initiation

7th to 10th September 2023

Photo Andrey Shishkin

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